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We call these teas "Chariteas" because Trail Lodge Tea donates a portion of each sale of these teas to the designated charity. Our company believes strongly in giving back to our local community, helping those in need, and protecting the environment.
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World Bird Sanctuary Tea
Our Price: $8.50

Trail Lodge Tea Goes to the Birds!


World Bird Sanctuary

You can enjoy a great cup of tea and help preserve endangered bird species at the same time. World Bird Sanctuary tea is a blended black tea that has a full bodied and smooth taste. For every 2 oz bag that is purchased, $2 will be donated to the
World Bird Sanctuary. The mission of this non-profit organization is to preserve the earth's biological diversity and to secure the future of threatened bird species in their natural environments. It does this through education, propagation, field studies and rehabilitation. Ingredients: Black Tea, Cornflower and Safflower Petals, and Natural Flavors.
Loggerhead Tea
Our Price: $10.00

This a Trail Lodge Tea Blend. It makes a very refreshing iced tea. This tea was inspired by a trip to Charleston South Carolina. In the heat of their summer, iced tea is a very popular drink and it is common to find lemon and mint in their tea. Ingredients: Fair Trade Certified TM Organic China Sencha and Organic Spearmint, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Natural Flavoring, and Organic Calendula Petals.
67% of Product

This is our newest charity tea. A portion of every sale goes to The South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program. (The South Carolina Aquarium uses its facilities to treat injured and sick sea turtles through its Sea Turtle Rescue Program.) Trail Lodge Tea donates $1.50 for each 2 oz package that is purchased and $3.00 for each 4 oz package.
The South Carolina Aquarium uses its facilities to treat injured and sick sea turtles through its Sea Turtle Rescue Program. They have been able to re-release many sea turtles back into the wild since they began this program. We were able to tour the facilities during our trip to Charleston. There were several patients in various stages of recovery when we visited and the wonderful care they were receiving was evident by clean facilities and knowledgeable staff. At the time of our visit, they had several species including Green Sea Turtles, Kemp's Ridley, and Loggerhead. We decided to name the new tea Loggerhead Tea since the state animal of South Carolina is the Loggerhead.
Mexican Cocoa Rooibos
Our Price: $12.00

Mexican Cocoa Rooibos is a Trail Lodge exclusive herbal tisane. You'll feel like you're having a Mexican Fiesta when you sip this tea. It's a rooibos and honeybush blend with the perfect amount of cocoa and chilli. There's just enough chilli to give it a little kick, and it will help warm you up an a cool day. Add milk for an extra special treat. Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Honeybush, Organic Cacao Bits, Sweet Ground Chocolate*, Organic Safflower, Organic Chili Flakes and Natural Flavor.*Contains soy
A portion of every sale goes to Ninos de Mexico. If you purchase a 2 oz package, $1 is donated to Ninos de Mexico and if you purchase a 4 oz package, $2 is donated. Ninos de Mexico is a Christian mission that is focused upon caring for orphans and encouraging growth in the local church near Mexico City. They do this by raising at-risk children in Mexico to love God and to grow to be mature, educated, Spirit-filled Christians with the ability and passion to evangelize their culture. Currently, Ninos de Mexico runs four homes for children, a Christian school, and a medical clinic. You can visit their website for more information.
Red Panda Chai
Our Price: $13.00

Red Panda Chai is made with organic green tea from the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate in Nepal which is nestled in the Himalayan Mountains. This tea is high elevation grown in the foothills of the Kanchanjangha mountain (the third tallest in the world). It is a mellow tasting tea with a slightly floral and grassy note. It is mixed with oranges, spices, and flavoring for a fruity tasting chai. Ingredients: organic Nepal green tea, organic cinnamon, cardamom, natural flavoring, organic ginger, organic orange slices, and organic nutmeg. Red Pandas were the inspiration for this tea. We utilized Nepal green tea from the Himalayas near the region were Red Pandas live and the orange slices are the color of their fur.
We donate $1.50 for every two ounces sold to the Red Panda Network. This organization focuses on the conservation of Red Pandas and is based in Nepal. This organization protects wild red pandas and their habitat through education and empowerment of local communities.